Saturday, 6 March 2010

St David's Day Cawl Cenin - £164.35 Raised


Thank you to all who helped make the evening a successful one. A special thank you to His Lordship Bishop Daniel Mullins who prepared us for the evening by sharing his knowledge of St. David’s life with us, which was most interesting.

To those who made cawl, others who brought welshcakes and cakes and to those who supplied the tea, coffee, milk etc., that were required for the evening. Thanks also to those who prepared the hall in readiness for the ‘feast’ and not forgetting all who helped clear the tables and wash up at the end of the evening.

All, throughout the evening, enjoyed a wonderful friendly warm atmosphere.

The raffle for the event raised £71.50 while donations at the door amounted to £92.85 – a grand total of £164.35 – once again, thank you and well done.

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