Sunday, 21 March 2010




Tuesday 23rd March
7.00 pm Kidwelly: Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Wednesday 24th March
7.00 pm Burry Port: Sacrament of Reconciliation.


Saturday 27th March
6.30 pm Burry port: Vigil Mass of Palm Sunday with Blessings of the Palms and Procession into the Church.

Sunday 28th March
10.30 am Kidwelly: Holy Mass of Palm Sunday with Blessings of the Palms and Procession into the Church.

Wednesday 31st March
11.30 am St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Swansea: Chrism Mass.


Holy Thursday 1st April
7.00 pm Burry Port: Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Washing of the Feet and Procession of the Most Blessed Sacrament to the Alter of Repose.

8. 15 pm Burry Port: Passover Meal in the Church Hall.

9.00 -11.00 pm Burry Port: Adoration before the Alter of Repose.

Good Friday 2nd April
2.15 pm Burry Port: Stations of the Cross.

3.00 pm Burry Port: Liturgy of the Sacred Passion, Veneration of the Cross and Holy Communion.
(A Day of Fasting and Abstinence)

Holy Saturday 3rd April
8.30 pm Burry Port: Solemn Easter Vigil.

Easter Sunday 4th April
9.00 am Burry Port: Holy Mass of Easter Sunday.

10.30 am Kidwelly: Holy Mass of Easter Sunday.

Parish Newsletter Report of St Patrick's Day Meal

SAINT PATRICK’S DAY EVENING MEAL–With a background of Irish music, Shamrock supplied by Jack Kenny and a jovial atmosphere, once again, a great time was had by all who attended the St. Patrick’s Day meal. Thanks to Gareth who arranged the event and to Jack for supplying us all with Shamrock. Thank you too to all who supported the event especially those who came to the meal.

A special thank you to His Lordship Bishop Mullins for the pre-meal Blessing and his very interesting and informative talk on St. Patrick and the importance of his mission, a humble ex-slave who took our Faith over to Ireland and how the Irish had, in turn, spread our Faith across the world even back to our own Parish here in Wales. Pictures of the evening and more news can be found on our website. A report on the money raised will be printed soon.

Passover Meal

PASSOVER MEAL ON HOLY THURSDAY - After The Evening Mass of The Lord’s Supper there will be an opportunity for parishioners to partake of a very simple Passover Meal of lamb and unleavened bread in the church hall at Burry Port to commence at 8.15pm. Anyone wishing to attend is kindly asked to put their name on the list on the notice boards as soon as possible so that the correct amount of food can be prepared without any waste. We also require a large picture of the Last Supper that can be displayed in the hall during the meal, if anyone has such a picture and could lend it to us for the meal, we would be very grateful. Thank you.

LAMB, UNLEAVENED BREAD, ROASTED EGGS – Please kindly give your name to Mary (after Mass this weekend) if you would like to supply any of the food (cooked lamb, unleavened bread, eggs roasted in their shells) required for the meal. Thank you.

Diocese Chrism Mass

CHRISM MASS – This Mass is to be held on Wednesday 31st March at 11.30am in the Cathedral at Swansea. If you would like to attend please leave your name on the list, which can be found on the notice boards or speak to Mary after Mass. If enough parishioners wish to attend a mini-bus can be booked.

Fr Thomas's Thesis Defence

FATHER THOMAS – Father Thomas will be travelling to Leuven next week for his Defence, which will take place on Monday 29th March. A cordial invitation is extended to all parishioners to attend. Father would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support over the past months and asks us all to please pray for him at this time with, perhaps, a special prayer on the 29th itself.

Next Week's Mass Times (NB: Lenten Confessions Tues & Weds)

Monday Mar. 22nd 9.00am Burry Port Holy Mass
Tuesday Mar. 23rd 9.00am Burry Port Holy Mass
Tuesday Mar. 23rd 7.00pm Kidwelly Sacrament of Reconciliation Wednesday Mar. 24th 9.00am Burry Port Holy Mass
Wednesday Mar. 24th 7.00pm Burry Port Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday Mar. 27th 6.30pm Burry Port Vigil - Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion
Sunday Mar. 28th 10.30am Kidwelly Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion


Collections: –
Burry Port wkly £129.40 (42)
Kidwelly wkly £84.50 (38)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

St Patrick's Day Meal: Photo Report

On the evening of the 17th of March, parishioners from Our Lady Star of he Sea, Burry Port, and Our Lady and St Cadoc's, Kidwelly, gathered to celebrate the feast day of the Welsh Saint who had converted a nation, and had become the Patron Saint of that nation: Ireland.

Indeed, before the meal, His Lordship Bishop Mullins gave a brief talk about the history of Saint Patrick which was of great interest.

He culminated by stating how the Faith had been taken to Ireland by this humble ex-slave and the Irish had, in turn, taken that Faith right across the world whether that be America or even back here in Wales and our own parish.

Wit a background of Irish music, a great time was had by all.

A big thanks to all who came on the night, and the staff of Taylor's Steak House once again.

A report on the money raised will be posted on this site soon.

Thanks also to Steven James who popped in at the end, for his steak and chips, having just been made Mayor of Burry Port, the first Catholic to hold that post. The fact that he still came along to our parish get-together despite his busy evening says everything about his dedication to the parish.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lenten Mass

LENTEN MASS – Thank you to all who attended the Lenten Mass last Tuesday evening, it was wonderful to see the church full. Thanks also to those who helped prepare the church and to all who helped with the refreshments in the hall after Mass.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Parish Family News

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Mary Lloyd Warner (Pwll) who sadly passed away recently.

Mrs. Margaret Thomas, her daughters Julia and Andrea and families, would like to express their sincere gratitude to Father Thomas, all friends and parishioners for the kindness shown to them on the recent very sad bereavement of their much loved son and brother, Ronnie Thomas. They would like everyone to know that the concern, sympathy and caring shown to them by all, was a great comfort at a very sad and difficult time and will not be forgotten.


Prayer for the dead is one of the greatest acts of charity we can perform. Our prayers help them during their time in Purgatory, so that they can enter more quickly into the fullness of heaven. These prayers are especially suited for offering a novena on behalf of the dead, or for praying during those seasons of the year (November, in the Western Church; Lent, in the Eastern Church) designated by the Church as times of fervent prayer for the faithful departed.


St David's Day Cawl Cenin - £164.35 Raised


Thank you to all who helped make the evening a successful one. A special thank you to His Lordship Bishop Daniel Mullins who prepared us for the evening by sharing his knowledge of St. David’s life with us, which was most interesting.

To those who made cawl, others who brought welshcakes and cakes and to those who supplied the tea, coffee, milk etc., that were required for the evening. Thanks also to those who prepared the hall in readiness for the ‘feast’ and not forgetting all who helped clear the tables and wash up at the end of the evening.

All, throughout the evening, enjoyed a wonderful friendly warm atmosphere.

The raffle for the event raised £71.50 while donations at the door amounted to £92.85 – a grand total of £164.35 – once again, thank you and well done.

Golden Wedding Anniversary


Jack and Vera thank everyone for their gifts and cards gratefully received on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary.

Donations in lieu of gifts raised £500 for the ‘Breast Care Unit’ at Prince Philip Hospital. Thanks a million everyone.

St Patrick's Day Meal


Tickets for the St. Patrick's Day Evening Meal will be on sale after Mass this weekend (including at the St. David's Day Cawl Cenin). With just a couple of weeks to go, please buy yours as soon as possible to enable the organisers to plan seating and make the arrangements.

There are three types of ticket: child's @ £3, Standard/Veggie meal @ £7.50, 8oz Steak Meal @ £10.

There will be a free enamel lapel shamrock badge with every ticket, for you to wear on the night.

Please support the Parish and help to make the evening as successful as our last evening meals. Families, friends and new faces especially welcome.