Friday, 18 February 2011

New Web Site Pages: Liturgical and Social Events

Fr Benedict has said that he wishes this website to have more depth and so become more of a resource for parishioners, visitors and those who travel to our parish, either for an event or for longer periods.

As such more pages have now been added (Liturgical Events and Social Events).

You will find these at the "tabs" just under the title of this site, near the top of each page.

As you will see if you click on the two new tabs, these pages are in their infancy. There are still a number of images and write-ups from the archives still to go on these pages (please be patient as I dig them out, cross-reference dates etc.) and, of course, new events will be added as they happen.

The idea is to make this site a one-click resource for those interested in our Faith and our Parish, rather than a chronological entry 'blog' which users have to search through to find out what we are about and what we do, as a Parish.

The existent pages (Parish History as well as these two new ones) will have to be added to, and as such I would be grateful to any parishioners who have write-ups, articles, photos, scans etc. of anything suitable that they could email to me, pass to me, or otherwise lend/give tome to use for the site.

In so doing, it is hoped that we can add some real depth to this site for parishioners, the Diocese, potential converts, holiday-makers and casual visitors to the site.

If you have ideas for these pages, or for additional pages that might be useful to the site or for any of the above categories of site users, please feel free to let myself or Fr Benedict know.

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