Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cleaning and Flower Rotas

Church Cleaning Burry Port:

It has been suggested that Parishioners resume responisbility for the cleaning of the church. Names are requested to be added to a new Cleaning Rota. It is an important sign of our commitment to our Church that those who are able can spend a little time preparing for the weekly services and events, our Lord will surely reward you for your care for the fabric of his Holy Church. A list for those interested can be found at the Porch.

Flowers - Burry Port -
More names are needed please for the flower rota. If you would like to provide flowers for our church one weekend then please speak to Gill. Thank you.

Flowers - Kidwelly -
Donations for flowers are needed for the church in Kidwelly please. A collection box will be placed in the porch for those kindly wishing to donate. Many thanks.

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Webmaster Gareth said...

If I make make a suggestion. Perhaps a donation box/jar for the flowers at Burry Port Church so those of us who would like to donate regularly a few pounds can do so as well?