Friday, 17 July 2009

St Patrick's Day Parish Meal in South Wales Evening Post

This is the report of our parish's St Patrick's Day evening meal at Taylor's Steak House in Burry Port back in March.

Despite our hopes that it would be featured in the Llanelli Star (and the as-was Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley editions) it actually appeared in the Swansea-based South Wales Evening Post on Wednesday 25th March, with the result that many parishioners missed it.

This is the report of the meal that appeared in our own parish newsletter the weekend after the meal:

The evening of the 17th of March saw parishioners from Burry Port and Kidwelly accompany our parish priest to Taylor's Steakhouse in Burry Port for our long anticipated St Patrick's Day evening meal.

The venue was very pleasant and there was a great atmosphere, accompanied by enjoyable food. There were more than a few who took advantage of the St Patrick's Day Lenten dispensation to tuck into the famous home-made Sticky Toffee Pudding and other tasty desserts.

The room itself was bedecked in Irish and Welsh bunting, with a Happy St Patrick's Day flag forming a backdrop, adding to a wonderful atmosphere. We were pleased that a photographer from the Llanelli Star came along to take some pictures, hopefully giving the parish some publicity that lapsed Catholics in the parish may notice as we approach the important season of Easter.

The staff did a wonderful job of relaying our food to the tables, and the owners were kind enough to donate a bottle of wine to our raffle. The five prize raffle helped raise a good proportion of the money raised for the parish.

The breakdown of the monies taken are:

Ticket Sales: £292

Raffle: £56

Total Taken: £348.

Money paid to the venue: £117.

Money Raised for the Parish: £231.

A big thanks is due to all those who supported the event by promoting it, bringing along friends and family and by attending the evening's celebrations, and to the venue owners and staff for all their hard work and support.

With the evening bringing together parishioners, raising funds and publicising the Catholic Church in the local media, it is hoped that we can hold another evening at the venue in the future. The attendees and venue owners were certainly keen that this should be the case.

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